Imagine it’s a very hot summers day or freezing cold winters night, you get home, turn your Air-conditioner on, it doesn’t start and the light starts flashing. Your staring at the controller thinking “I should have had COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING Canberra service the bloody thing”!

Here at COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING we strongly believe that preventative maintenance on your system annually, bi-annually or quarterly (depending on usage) is beneficial to the performance and minimises the risk of a breakdown when you need it most.

During a service by COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING your system will be thoroughly inspected, run through operational tests, cleaned and maintained.

Having your system serviced annually by COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING service Canberra will place you on our priority list, meaning if you do have a breakdown we will attend to and inspect Same day or Guaranteed next day (or call-out labour costs half price).

Call us today to book your Air-Conditioning or evaporative cooling service and keep your system running without any faults, breakdowns and for as long as possible.

A standard service Includes:
** This is a generic list and some of these options may not be applicable
      to your system. 

  • Cleaning filters to ensure efficient airflow.
  • Advising and/or replacing filter media if necessary (additional costs involved see costs tab in menu).
  • Inspecting, cleaning and deodorising/sanitising coils, fan scrolls and fan blades for mould and/or dust build up.
  • General cleaning of covers and panels.
  • Cleaning and inspecting sump/drain pans, pumps and drain lines.
  • Check/test all motors Compressor, fan, zone, pump, louvre, expansion valve and solenoid.
  • Tighten all electrical terminals and inspect for arcing.
  • Check refrigerant pressures and pipe temperatures.
  • Check and test thermistors and sensors.
  • Check and inspect duct work.
  • Check and test electric heating elements.
  • Close and drain Evaporative cooling system water line.
  • Inspecting for vermin, reptile and bugs presence and removing.
  • Adjust time clocks and set-up automatic operation scheduling.

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