We know at COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING repair Canberra just how important it is for your Air-conditioning or Evaporative cooling system to be running efficiently through the coldest of winter nights and the hottest of summer afternoons.

If your Air-Conditioning or evaporative cooling system is flashing a fault code or it just isn’t operating the way you think it should be. Call COOL-IT AIR-CONDITIONING repair Canberra.

We will book an experienced technician to come and inspect your Air-Conditioning or Evaporative cooling system, we will provide a detailed quotation for the replacement parts if required and labour costs to repair your system as stress free and quickly as possible.

Below are some images of Breakdowns and faults in Air-Conditioning and evaporative cooling systems, some of these customers had no idea their system was in that condition too.

Book in today for a service and we can inspect clean and maintain your system.

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